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After 9/11, our CIA received authority from the Bush administration to engage in extraordinary rendition, or the transfer without due process, of suspected terrorists to the custody of foreign governments for the purpose of interrogation and detention. These detainees were then subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques,” including abuse and torture. Most assumed these techniques consisted of sleep and sensory depravation or overload, and waterboarding -pouring water over the cloth-covered face of a restrained suspect. However it has recently been revealed that our interrogators also held suspects underwater in bathtubs until they nearly died, while doctors stood by to ensure they didn’t. This secret program was conducted in places beyond reach of our laws. For this reason, we still do not know the full extent of participation by still-unidentified foreign governments, or the number of people victimized by our rendition and torture programs. Critics say that although this program held little regard for the rule of domestic or international law, no official has ever been charged with these crimes. Our government has refused to acknowledge its involvement in any specific rendition case but claims only 16 “high value detainees” were sent to overseas jails before finally ending up at Guantanamo. However, experts believe there were at least 136 detainees that were transferred to 54 complicit foreign governments. Advocates claim the time has come for us to definitively repudiate these practices and to prohibit their reoccurrence by law.

Pending Legislation:

H.R.2390 – No Detention without Charge Act of 2013

I oppose reforming current rendition and torture policy and wish to defeat H.R.2390

I support prohibiting the U.S. Armed Forces from authorizing the apprehension or detention of any person except to the extent that is allowed by the Constitution or the law of war; the detention without charge of any person apprehended or detained in the United States or a U.S. territory or possession, except as expressly provided by an Act of Congress, and wish to pass H.R2390

I support identifying a legislator who will sponsor a bill to bring criminal charges against those responsible for extraordinary rendition and torture

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