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About 16,000 nursing homes are residences to more than 1.5 million mostly elderly Americans. These people reside at nursing homes for an average of 835 days. However, many of these people are not living in nursing homes by choice. More than 80% of all our elderly say they would prefer to die at home if they could. Even so, it is estimated that nearly half of all elderly Americans will move into nursing homes before dying. A recent study verified the rampant abuse of residents at some of these facilities. It found that one in three nursing homes had been cited for abuse violations within a two year span. Advocates say that nursing home abuse is underreported by residents who fear reprisal. Other studies have found that more than 90% of our nursing homes have staffing levels that are below minimum acceptable standards. There is compelling evidence that staff ratios are strongly linked to the quality of care in all nursing homes.

Pending Legislation:

H.R.2864 – Nursing Home Patient Protection and Standards Act of 2013

I oppose reforming current nursing home policy and wish to defeat H.R.2864

I support improving oversight of nursing facilities under the Medicare and Medicaid programs by preventing inappropriate influence over surveyors; requiring testing programs in skilled nursing facility (SNF) survey and certification techniques to be sufficiently rigorous to ensure that surveyors are adequately prepared to survey and certify SNFs in a consistent and accurate manner; directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to establish requirements for the qualification and compensation of members of a survey team; ensuring a state employs an adequate number of individuals as members of survey teams to assure adequate oversight of SNFs, and wish to pass H.R.2864

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  1. Take a good look at what is currently going on in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation. Nursing homes have gotten away with way too much and the state surveyors and the rest of the govt agencies that have oversight responsibilities have turned away and allowed people to be harmed or die with no consequences for the nursing home staff or owners. The taxpayers are paying for decent care and should expect that these facilities are cited for the seriousness of the injuries. Way too many favors out there being given by HHS, CMS, state surveyors at state Health Departments, and the Attorneys General who refuse to look at cases. Believe me, I’ve been working on this for over three years and won’t give up until something is done about these places.

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