Affiliate Website Capabilities
  1. Accounting Reports section
  2. Administration Donation function
  3. Archives with 7 real-time record displays
  4. Automatic screen sizing, smart phone compatibility
  5. Automatic 28-day presentation cycle renewal
  6. Trending Issues function with popular-issue tracking feature
  7. Announcements and Opinion Poll functions
  8. Disaster & Humanitarian Aid and Long-term Campaign functions
  9. Easy presentation cycle data input and pre-user viewing feature
  10. E-mail announcements to some or all users
  11. Fax capability
  12. Instruction/help menu for each administration page
  13. Inter-affiliate communication capability
  14. Interactive, issue dedicated, e-mail enabled blogs
  15. Issue and trustee suggestion functions
  16. Language translator
  17. Manager permissions for each administrative function
  18. Member, manager, trustee, representative and affiliate mailing and print list section
  19. Merchandise Store and merchandise fulfillment function
  20. Navigation bar (breadcrumb) for users and administrators
  21. Personal member accounts including histories and 'draw from account' capability
  22. Presentation manager spreadsheet and history
  23. Prewritten pledge letter subject text function
  24. Quick Login, Lost ID, FAQ, Civics, Instructions, Mission, & Tell a Friend features
  25. Regional Poll search function
  26. Trustee Evaluation function
  27. User and website security protocols with suspend access function