Democracy Rules Affiliate Responsibilities

Financial Responsibilities

Affiliates are required to possess sufficient funds to meet their start-up costs and their organization’s initial year of operation. Individual applicants must show they are prepared to support themselves without income if their affiliate is unable to compensate them during this time. Once elected, affiliates will be asked to submit their budgets and verification of funds.

Affiliates are required to thoroughly investigate the character, claims and commitments of each employee-elect.

Affiliates are responsible for establishing any necessary legal entities, maintaining insurance and conforming to any laws that govern their participation in their political arenas.

Affiliates are responsible for semi-annual accounting audits and for unannounced audits requested by Democracy Rules USA.

Affiliates are responsible for their personnel's training expenses.

There is no cost for the Democracy Rules website however affiliates are responsible for any programming modifications it may require.

The annual Democracy Rules licensing fee is 2% of all affiliate revenue and will be used to pay the costs of monitoring, coordinating, and assisting DR affiliates. Democracy Rules also requires affiliates to maintain a significant contingency fund for emergencies.

Operational Responsibilities

All affiliates must conform to the mission and philosophy of Democracy Rules USA. A zero-tolerance policy exists for violations of this prime directive and an affiliate’s license would be endangered should one occur.

Affiliate offices must be located within the geographical areas they serve.

National affiliates will address national issues while metropolitan affiliates address local issues.

Whenever possible, national and metropolitan offices shall coordinate their presentation cycles when addressing common issues. 

Affiliate website data must be translated or displayed in English as well as the languages of all inhabitants served by the affiliate.

Whenever possible, affiliates must allow their members to decide administrative matters.

Affiliate websites must operate through the server platform maintained by Democracy Rules USA.

National affiliate offices will arbitrate disputes arising from metropolitan affiliates located within their country. These decisions may be appealed to Democracy Rules USA.

Affiliate representatives are required to attend Democracy Rules’ annual convention.

Affiliates will accept the use of arbitration located in San Francisco to resolve all disputes.

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